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Penis enlargement - is it possible?

Greeting you on my personal site! Opening blogs and personal pages is all the rage at the moment and I decided to start this blog as I succeeded in resolving vital issue of my life - small penis... Perhaps, my experience prove useful to somebody, others just read my interesting story.

At the moment of writing this text, I'm 24 years old, have an athletic figure (going to gym) and my mug isn't worse that other boys. No problem with money - I work as engineer in internationally known company. Now my penis is 7 inches and 1.6 inch across diameter (at state of erection) - not the biggest size, but not a small! It seems to me I won't to have more big penis now.
As to girls, I still don't meet my sweetheart, but have a girl-friend with model appearance, my sexy baby... :) and several another pretty girls. I call them, when quarrel with my primary.

What was before? Only a year ago (in 2006) my penis was 4,5 inches lengthwise and 1.2 inches across diameter. Visually it's more smaller than at present. It is written that no matter what size you do have, but in practice everything is otherwise... When in sauna I saw, that my younger cousin (studied in 7 school form) has 2 times larger sausage than my one, I felt myself as retrograde and defective :(

Before After
Photos "Before" and "After". More photos here >>>

Later I had problems with girls. I've never had any difficulties to meet girls, but when it came to sex, my penis didn't want to get up! Small sausage without erection - it's a full bummer! Of cource, it happened through nervousness and emotion. I was uneasy that my girl had a sex with "big size guys" before me... Then I met with girl which helped me to manage a dread of small penis. But our relations were short. Once we got drunk, she blabed out that enjoyed greatly huge cocks - her first boyfriend had an enormous one. She regreted telling that, because felt that it pain me at heart. After that ous sex was not so hot as before, I thought constantly that my girl dream of big penis.

Once at a party there was a painful occurrence that became the last straw in this story. As usual everybody got drunk, I took a busty blonde fancy. We found plenty to talk about and decided to retire from company. She pushed me on sofa and began to take of my jeans. I was in expectation of wild sex... When blonde pulled off my pants and saw not great penis, there was a little pause, then she guffawed of me... Bitch! This moment I want to die! I dressed myself and went away.

Since my head was filled with idea of penis enlargement. I began to learn all available ways to do that...
  • Do girls really like big penises?
  • How could I achieve such successful result?
  • Did my life change after I got a bigger size?
  • What is the normal penis size in the view of medicine?
  • Some anatomy of men's genitals
  • How coitus is taking in men
  • Really working method for penis enlargement >>>
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